Scamming Pastor


It’s amazing how one person’s opinion can cause an uproar, furthermore, the opinion was worthless, ignorant and immature. It is clear that the young girl’s perception of higher education has been tainted and distorted. She really doesn’t understand the power of education

A Simple Thank You.

This is deep, deeper than we would want to face

The Misadventures of a Black Woman Scholar


I need to say thank you to every single person that has read, liked, commented and shared my piece. The response has been overwhelming. It was my first but certainly not my last. All I need to do now is find someone to help with designing this thing because the colors are hideous!

Usually bloggers use their first post to introduce themselves and the purpose of their blog. Since I was in such a rush to get that piece together, I’ll do it now.

I have been influenced by scholars such as bell hooks and Benjamin Quarles. Eric Foner and Joanna Schoen are also my favs. People like Cornel West and Darlene Clark Hine have reached a level that my cohorts and I are still imagining. Although phenomenal in their achievements, we see them in the “after.” After they are published and established. After they have tenure and validation. After…

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